Policy of Prevention of the Exploitation of Human Beings

LA CASA DE LOS VIAJES, declares its commitment to preventing the exploitation of human beings in all its forms, especially sexual and workplace harassment in particular when it may affect children and adolescents, aimed at their staff, customers and suppliers.

To comply with the above, LA CASA DE LOS VIAJES, is committed to implement the following measures:

  • Training of its personnel in the prevention of the exploitation of human beings.
  • Strict adherence to the legal regulations established both nationally and internationally, regarding the exploitation of human beings.
  • Your service providers will be informed, via e-mail, which you adhere to the Prevention Policies for the Exploitation of Human Beings, and especially to the sex trade of children and adolescents.
  • Report, if necessary, to the competent authorities, any act of exploitation or sexual abuse against human beings, in particular minors.

Offer information to travelers on the Prevention of Exploitation of Human Beings, through the website of Travel Agency La Casa de los Viajes, advertising material and in the signature of the mails that are sent to customers and suppliers.

Quality Politics

In LA CASA DE LOS VIAJES, we are committed to the satisfaction of our clients, tourism sustainability, the safety and health of our employees and compliance with legal requirements. For this, we provide the necessary financial and physical resources for the execution and monitoring of the activities, competent and committed personnel, recognized suppliers, processes in constant innovation and continuous improvement.

In order to commit ourselves to fulfill the above, we commit ourselves to:

  • Continuously improve our product management system, processes, and maintain an excellent service attitude.
  • Comply with current legal regulations that regulate our activity and in which our quality policy is supported.
  • Select and evaluate our suppliers with the guarantee of quality of service.
  • Professionally and personally develop workers through a training program and ongoing training.
  • Orient the effort made by our workers to improve the efficiency and growth of the company.



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